Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guy Makeover Games

Why is it almost always girls on makeover shows? Why can’t guys play makeover games, too? In fact, if you watch enough episodes of What Not to Wear or other fashion shows, it’s easy to see that men can enjoy a makeover, too.

If you’ve seen plenty of girl makeover shows, you already know that girls usually get more flattering clothing that slims the body without binding it, and that their hair gets cut in a trendier, more age appropriate style. Boys and men get the same thing, but it looks much different.

Guy makeover games start by finding the right wardrobe for a man. Men are often poor dressers, but once they find the right style, the guys are able to change the color of a shirt and pair it with a pair of pants to look great. They don’t have to work nearly as hard as girls do to find clothing that looks great.

Many guys do get a drastic change when it comes to hair, however. There are a million hairstyles for girls, but just a few for boys. If a man with thinning hair gets a makeover, they will likely cut his hair super short. But if a boy comes in for a makeover, his hair might be left long or it might be made extremely short – and the different a haircut makes on a boy can be huge!

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