Saturday, November 1, 2008

Body Makeover Games

Sometimes we need more to a makeover than just a few new clothing items. For those who struggle with too much extra weight or too little, it’s time for a body makeover.

If you’re younger than twenty-one, you don’t need to spend much time actually dieting. Instead, you should refocus your attention on getting plenty of exercise and action during the day and limiting your food choices to healthier alternatives. By eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, snacking on healthy items rather than junk and eliminating sugars and other highly processed foods from your diet, you’ll be training yourself to eat in a healthier way and combined with exercise, you’ll naturally begin to lose weight.

Tone and Condition
Part of your ongoing physical activity to make your body makeover work, you’ll need to include strength and toning exercises. This is especially important for those having a hard time following the diet. By exercising and then toning each day, you’ll be building muscle mass and helping your body burn off fat and calories. The increased muscle mass will make it even easier to burn extra calories and you’ll be fit and trim before you know it.

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